Creative exchange is something that excites us immensely; India is bursting with an extremely vibrant creative community and some of the work being put out there is fantastic in concept and quality. We want to engage with artistes, creative minds, entrepeneurs across genres and mediums to push the boundaries of what has been and can be done. This is already an on going process for Terracorda and some interesting collaborative work is already in the pipeline. We are always open to ideas and concepts from across the creative realm in India and abroad and are infact eager to know how we can contribute to something bigger or take our current work beyond its present scope. Write to us via email or social media channels to start a conversation!

B2B and project specific products is also and idea we are constantly churning about at the TERRACORDA think tank. We are specifically working on tailor-made product ideas for, and not limited to,

  • Events such as Weddings, Large scale parties, Corporate events etc.
  • Branding and branded products and accesories.

Reach out to us if you would like to put forward a request for any such B2B projects and we will get back to you with some really creative options that suit your requirements and budgets. We have a really competent supply chain which can deliver any numbers provided we set a realistic timeline for them.


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