About us


 Designed & Hand-Crafted In India

With years of experience working on graphic art and visuals, Shilpa Shanker Narain decided to take her passions for “all things Indian” to the next level with Terracorda. A passion for creativity and illustration along with her ability to communicate through design gives birth to something unique with each and every product. Terracorda is an original take on balancing the aesthetic tightrope between ethnic-traditional and modern-contemporary styles.

Her search for the perfect material drew her further and further away from animal leather, and landed her with Poly Urethane cloth, an excellent and exciting alternative to leather that emulates all of its qualities to the detail. This gave her ample room to explore possibilities with colour, texture and grain to create a visually striking product.

Terracorda is fuelled with the mission to offer a quality non-animal based leather alternative to our discerning audience, which would result in a conscious move away from animal skin/leather, one happy customer at a time. A good aesthetic and good relationships go hand in hand so we’re excited to start a dialogue, and make a responsible choice together.

All Terracorda products are entirely manufactured in New Delhi, IN by artisans from the older parts of the city(Old Delhi) who have decades of experience in the craft and the industry. Terracorda takes pride in the handcrafted detailing visible in all our products and to maintain this high standard, we keep our numbers limited and quality driven.

TERRACORDA  is a unique range of bags and lifestyle products with earthy and organics styles inspired by bold, free-spirit individual expression. We are a limited edition couture range, handcrafted by artisans in New Delhi.

Shilpa Shanker Narain

4504 Sector B 5 & 6 Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi. INDIA